Category_Theme_Ho_Fking_Ho ©2022 A.M. Coy, All Rights Reserved. Unique gifts at great prices! Weird gifts.

Weird, Fun Christmas Gifts – How Merry Are You REALLY?

Category_Theme_Ho_Fking_Ho ©2022 A.M. Coy, All Rights Reserved. Unique gifts at great prices! Weird gifts.
Category_Theme_Ho_Fking_Ho ©2022 A.M. Coy, All Rights Reserved.

Weird and fun Christmas gifts even your grouchy Grampa can enjoy! Here at FloxMonster™ we try to provide humor even about topics that some people find depressing. Like the Holidays… some people love them, others dread them. So here’s our take on Christmas, in the first of our FloxMonster™ Rotten Holidays line: “Ho F*¢king Ho!”

Weird Christmas Gifts… Fun Yes, And Kinda Off-Color

We acknowledge, not everyone loves the Holidays. Let’s be honest: plenty of folks hate them. So for all you Grumpy Gusses out there, we offer an only-slightly-censored “HO F*¢KING HO!” (You know what the * and ¢ stand for; we’re all adults here!) Furthermore, we are going to offer plenty of other designs in our “FloxMonster™ Rotten Holidays” series, so keep your eyes here on!

Category-Theme-Rotten Holidays, ©2022 A.M. Coy - All Rights Reserved
Category-Theme-Rotten Holidays, ©2022 A.M. Coy – All Rights Reserved

Here are some things we’d like you to know about FloxMonster™ creations.

All Unique and Beautiful FloxMonster™ Art

First, all the art on FloxMonster™ products is unique; you won’t find it anywhere else. Instead, with ours you can appreciate the result of keen craftsmanship focused through many hours’ work, and a polished creative process. To be specific, we create and compose our art not just using traditional methods, but by honing it with software like Filter Forge, Photoshop, and Blender. Occasionally, we also incorporate components of public-domain or licensed art. When finished, we combine all this work into unique, humorous creations we hope you will enjoy.

Custom Printed Christmas Gifts

Second, all the products on this website are printed when you order them. Therefore, we do not keep them in stock; they are made-to-order. This is good for the environment, because it keeps waste out of landfills and reduces electricity-use, because there’s no need to heat or cool extra stock.

Specifically, we contract our printed items through, who sends them to printing companies, who then drop-ship them anywhere in the world. Once you complete your purchase here, our website sends your order immediately to Printify for completion.

Offensive But Funny

Third, we are fully aware that the “Ho F*¢king Ho!” line is going to offend some people. We strongly recommend that you wear or use the items somewhere private, or around friends who you know will laugh about them… because that is the entire point of why we made them. The art is meant to be funny. We call it:

“Dark Humor for the Dark Times of the Year.”

In conclusion, we remind you that some people really do want to flip off Christmas. And why not? There’s the gross over-commercialization, the false cheeriness, putting up the lights, the kids demanding presents, the visiting relatives, the traffic… oh yeah! Well, this one’s for all of you.

Ho Fucking Ho! Merry Fucking Christmas! You bet!

That said… let’s get to the gifts. 🙂

Weird, Fun Christmas Gifts: “Ho F*¢king Ho!”

FloxMonster™ offers custom-printed mugs, aluminum ornaments, unisex hooded sweatshirts (a.k.a. hoodies), unisex t-shirts, velveteen blankets, and more. Don’t see what you want? Contact us to request it!

View the Entire “Ho F*¢king Ho!” Line Here

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