"FloxMonster™ Favorites" ©2022 A.M. Coy - All Rights Reserved. (you may not use this image)

Free Happy Textures! Download My Favorite Filters to Make More

"FloxMonster™ Favorites" ©2022 A.M. Coy - All Rights Reserved. (you may not use this image) Free textures, and the photoshop plugin Filter Froge.
“FloxMonster™ Favorites”
©2022 A.M. Coy – All Rights Reserved.
(You may not use this image.)

Free textures and Photoshop plugins here!

Free textures on this page? Absolutely! Please honor our license (which basically says you won’t sell them, put them elsewhere without a link, or use them for hate). The filters to make these are also free, but you do need Filter Forge.

What is Filter Forge? It is a useful program for making textures, along with matching normals, bumpmaps, specular maps, etc. It can be a standalone program, or a Photoshop plugin. FloxMonster™ has been using it for over a decade. Until early 2023, when the company that owns Filter Forge made some unsavory changes, FloxMonster™ also created filters for the program.

What is & ISN’T Free?

NO, Filter Forge is NOT a free program. However, YES, there’s a 30 day free trial. Once you have Filter Forge, then YES, all filters listed on this page are FREE!

Also… YES, all textures on this page are FREE to download (except the two FloxMonster™ ones that specifically say “You May Not Use This Image” lol). Just right-click the images you want, and “Save As.”

~ This page lists all Floxmonster™’s filters ~
Below are just a few favorites 🙂

Endless Cookies!

"Endless Cookies!" sample by A.M. Coy.  512x512 seamless.
“Endless Cookies!” sample by A.M. Coy. 512×512 seamless.

This is one of my fave filters because I love cookies! It is based on Orteil’s Cookies filter, which created fantastic cookie textures… except they were round with pale/transparent backgrounds. I needed seamless textures to make 3-D cookies in Second Life, so I tweaked Orteil’s creation to make this version.

Gobs of Monster

Gobs of Monster by A. M. Coy
“Gobs of Monster!” sample by A.M. Coy. 512×512 seamless.

This awesome filter is fantastic for organic, bumpy, ripply things like pumpkins, candle wax, monster skin, even mud. You can increase the shine and metallic qualities, plus alter the size of the bumps on two different scales.

Van Gogh Lives

Van Gogh Lives by A. M. Coy
“Van Gogh Lives” sample by A. M. Coy. 512×512 seamless.

Ever wonder what your favorite image would look like, if Van Gogh painted it? Run it through this filter. Inspired by “Starry Night.”

Funky Punkin

Funky Punkin by A. M. Coy
“Funky Punkin” sample by A. M. Coy. 512×512 seamless.

Funky Punkin. Because there are enough ordinary pumpkins in the world. 🙂 You can get not only weird pumpkins, but alien tree-bark, colorful candle wax, or even bizarre throw rugs out of this one! Use your imagination!

Coy’s Horrid Foam

Coy's Horrid Foam by A. M. Coy
“Coy’s Horrid Foam” sample by A. M. Coy. 512×512 seamless, partly transparent.

Foam for all your frothy purposes! This has a wide range of uses: sea form, horror monster drool, frosting, whipped cream, ejaculate, pearls… use your imagination! I was in a Halloweeny mood when I made it, thus the name. It can be made any color, any metallic/reflection combo, and seamless for your repeating pleasure.

Coy’s Heavenly Pearls

Heavenly Pearls by A. M. Coy
“Coy’s Heavenly Pearls” sample by A. M. Coy. 512×512 seamless.

Heavenly Pearls is great for making either light or dark colored pearls. It has controls for color and reflectivity. There is also a rainbow overlay to lend extra color to your pearls. Make them seamless for easy wrap on 3-D mesh.

Coy’s SuperMoss

Supermoss 1 by A. M. Coy
“Coy’s SuperMoss” sample by A. M. Coy. 512×512 seamless. partly transparent.

Coy’s SuperMoss can cover an existing OR new image with clusters of rippled moss. You can control moss colors, highlights, shadow, height, and much more. This filter is VERY detailed and thus runs slowly. As a bonus, the normal/bump maps incorporate any image you plug in.

Coy’s Big…Moss

Big Moss 1 by A. M. Coy
“Coy’s Big Textured Clumps of Moss” sample by A. M. Coy. 512×512 seamless, partly transparent.

Not as complicated as the SuperMoss filter, this one runs quicker and covers larger portions of the image. You can use it to cover existing pictures, or a new one. Very flexible and pretty for making landscapes. You can change the colors, too, so you can add “alien” vegetation to things.

Watch This Space!

FloxMonster™ will probably add more filters and more textures as they come about.

Please visit our shop – Great prices on custom giftS… and all genuine Floxmonster™ art! 🙂

FloxMonster™ Shop! - ©2022 A.M. Coy, All Rights Reserved
FloxMonster™ Shop! – ©2022 A.M. Coy, All Rights Reserved.
(You may not use this image.)

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