FloxMonster™ Sees Flawrs. Copyright(c)2023 A.M. Coy - All Rights Reserved.
FloxMonster™ Sees Flawrs.

Welcome to FloxMonster™! Here we have blogs, art, and a great FLOXMONSTER™ SHOP! You’ll find chaos and creations, rants and revelations… but above all humor, random nonsense, and occasional, serious thought. Come on in. 🙂

FloxMonster™ welcomes ALL!

FloxMonster™ welcomes all genders, races, orientations, religions, and political views. You’d best keep your mind open, though! We love all–and offend all–equally . . . and eternally with a humorous heart. ♡ Therefore, if you cannot laugh about topics (and yourself), you might not enjoy it much here.

SHOP FloxMonster™

FloxMonster™ Shop! - ©2022 A.M. Coy, All Rights Reserved
FloxMonster™ Shop! – ©2022 A.M. Coy, All Rights Reserved

To begin, FloxMonster™ has a great SHOP to buy unique gifts at great prices! You can get quality custom-printed products like shirts, blankets, hoodies, mugs, and more. More importantly, our original art is on everything. So CHECK IT OUT! 😀

Chewin’s Blog

Chewins Blog by FloxMonster™ - Copyright©2023 A.M. Coy - All Rights Reserved
Chewins Blog!
©2023 A.M. Coy – All Rights Reserved.

Secondly, FloxMonster™ raves here in the Chewin’s Blog about many topics, from Gay Rights to Gun Rights, Social Reform, and the Importance of Tasty Snax. You will also find important Mental Health topics, like coping with Anxiety and Depression. Those are close to his fuzzy heart.

Filter Forge

"FloxMonster™ Favorites" ©2022 A.M. Coy - All Rights Reserved. (you may not use this image)
“FloxMonster™ Favorites”
©2022 A.M. Coy – All Rights Reserved.


Additionally, FloxMonster™ creates free filters for Filter Forge software. He chats about some favorites, plus offers some free textures made with it: Filter Forge filters and free textures.

AI Madness

“All Your Art Are Belong to Us!”
©2023 A.M. Coy – All Rights Reserved.

The FloxMonster™ also toys with AI tools to make artistical madness on the internet. Some of the refined and retouched art appears here in the Chewins Blog, and on products.

However, you can enjoy rough drafts and original works in the F’Monster’s NightCafe profile: https://creator.nightcafe.studio/u/WyvernDryke.

Enjoy the madness! *Muahaha!*

FloxMonster’s™ History

AimlessCoyote's original icon on LIveJournal - (c)2023 AimlessCoyote
AimlessCoyote’s original icon on LIveJournal – ©2023 AimlessCoyote

Next, the wily FloxMonster™ has a pedigree of pandemonium and parody. He is descended from the notorious AimlessCoyote, who created Snapeybot, the chatbot of the early 2000s. (Snapey smugly brought fans of all Potter-esque Houses to their knees.) Although the F’Monster still dabbles in AI… these days, ol’ Snapey is laid to rest.

As AimlessCoyote faded into the underbrush, there were increasing sightings of a small, fox-like creature on the Second Life virtual grid. The furry beast walked on four legs, but had wings like a bird. It became famous for nibbling snacks and building pretty things. This “flying fox,” or “Flox,” was mostly peaceful . . . but tended to bite people who stepped on his tail.

Over time, Floxbites became more common, as the little Flox began biting folks who were being asshats and bullies to others, too. After awhile, the little Flox developed a bit of an attitude because there were just so many of the above. He began telling people exactly what he thought, and where they could go if they didn’t like it. Once that happened, the little Flox became the FloxMonster™. And truth to tell, he has been chewing on things–and people–ever since.

Second Life Store

~Lantian/Flox~(TM) Logo
~Lantian/Flox~™ Logo
©2023 A.M. Coy – All Rights Reserved

The Fearsome FloxMonster™ has a SHOP! here on this website, but he also owns a virtual shop called ~Lantian/Flox~ in SecondLife.

You can buy the FloxMonster’s™ real-world goods right here in the FloxMonster SHOP! However, if you want his virtual goods from Second Life, you need to shop at the SL Marketplace or his Second Life Store. There, he gnawrs things into all sorts of pretty shapes, including jewelry, lanterns, garden and decor. Due to his chewing skill, there are gifts that fall into genres including Steampunk, Exotic, Asian, and Scifi. Furthermore, if you purchase his goods, he can buy real-life snax!

Yip at FloxMonster™

By the way… to contact FloxMonster™, you can use this form.

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Haunted Nawlins Project - ©2022 A.M. Coy, All Rights Reserved
Haunted Nawlins Project
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