Take PRIDE in the LGBT Community! ROAR!

Rainbow "PRIDE" - ©2022 A.M. Coy
“PRIDE” ©2022 A. M. Coy
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Okay, LGBT+ Community, we have to chat. First, I love you. I am one of you. (And Happy Pride Month!) …But we need to talk about this acronym. What is the latest incarnation, “LGBTQIAPK?” No, guys, seriously. First, old people are never going to remember that. (And I say that affectionately, getting up there myself!☺) Second, it just begs ignorant people to make fun. It’s too long! (Okay you in the second row, sit down–yes some things can be too long!)

I do get the need to include everyone, and that is very cool. We need to be ourselves, and definitely take pride in what we all are. But hey, let’s just ditch the acronym, okay?

I propose, from now on, we call the community: Pride.

Think about it: the Pride Community. We can be rainbow lions! No, I’m not being silly–not at the moment, anyway. We can be the Pride Community, to include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, questioning/queer, intersex, asexual, pansexual, and… whatever “K” means. I’m still kinda confused, if I have to be honest. And I am one of the community. So let’s go with just “Pride,” okay, to include everybody!

Love and Light unto all of you. ♥ Let’s take Pride in who we are!

Added Nov 8, 2022

I noticed in BOOgle that this article was getting hits by people looking to find what the acronym “LGBTQIAPK” actually stands for. So I did some research, because I was sort of curious myself. The following is accumulated from several websites. This is what the acronym LGBTQIAPK stands for:

Transsexual and/or Transgender
Questioning and/or Queer
Pansexual and/or Polyamorous
Kink or Kinky, baby! Rawr! 😀

So there you go! Enjoy.

(BTW, you have the read the last line aloud, in the voice of Austin Powers: “The K stands for Kinky, Baby! Rawr!”)

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