Putin Is an Asshole and a French Whore. Or… Why My Site is Being DDOS’ed.

Putin is an Asshole, yup. LOL! And I have proof!

DDOS Attacks? Yawn.

You may notice, if you visit my site right now (Feb 2023), there’s a security check when you first hit. There’s a reason for that. Over the past week a group of punks has been hitting me with a steady DDOS, or Denial of Service attack.

It started several days ago, out of Russia and China, plus a few servers in Turkey. After I blocked those IPs, they switched to servers based in Dulles, Virginia. After I blocked those, they moved to a few different IPs based in Finland, Germany, France, and UK. Oh, yes. I’ve been watching . . . and blocking their stupid asses. I’ve been making websites since 1994, folks, I know how to play.

Is Pro-Ukraine Tea the Cause?

I suspect the reason for the temper-tantrum might be the brand new name I’ve given to my Russian Caravan tea, over on Coyoteas.com. It’s named Putin is an Asshole tea.” Because it’s RUSSIAN Caravan tea. And I support Ukraine.

As the page there states, I was going to keep the name until Putin gets the hell out of Ukraine. It was meant to be a sort of darkly humorous protest, the way I do. However, now that the punks have attacked my websites . . . I’m a little ticked off. Not only am I going to keep the name, I will improve it. The name will now be “Putin Putain the Asshole” tea.

Putain is French for whore.

Vladmir Putain Rules the Whores

Yep, Vladimir Putain. Vladimir supposedly means, “he who rules the world” so now his name means, “he who rules the whores!” HA!

Also, this… because I can:

Vladimir Putain - He Who Rules the Whores! Copyright ©2023 FloxMonster™  Putin is STILL an Asshole!
Vladimir Putain – He Who Rules the Whores! Copyright ©2023 FloxMonster™

Yup, that’s what a degree in art and Freedom of Speech will get ya. I love America, baby! ♥

Putin Is, in Fact, an Asshole.

In conclusion, I will not allow anyone to BULLY me into taking down content from my site. That is not how the FloxMonster™ works. First, I am fortunate to live in a country where we have the freedom to speak our minds and to parody public figures if it serves a greater purpose. *Points to picture above.* Second, even if I didn’t, I damnsure wouldn’t let a bunch of punks cow me into submission through these pitiful, schoolyard bully techniques. That kind of crap will make me post more.

Finally–and most importantly–Putin is a DEMON who has perpetuated war crimes and human rights violations for decades. That’s not my opinion, that’s verified fact.

So that’s what I have to say. You will not bully me, little DDOS’ing punks. You have no idea what kind of beast a FloxMonster™ truly is. But if you keep this crap up, you just might find out. And I promise, you won’t like it.

поцілуй мою дупу, Путінські коханці 🇺🇦

FloxMonster™ ©2022 A.M.Coy - All Rights Reserved. You may not use this image.
FloxMonster™ ©2022 A.M.Coy – All Rights Reserved. You may not use this image.

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