~L/Fx~ Experience for Second Life

NOTE: This entry pertains to a feature of the Second Life meta- or hypergrid.


Hello! I am Wyvern Dryke, creator of ~Lantian/Flox~ variety shop. This article is about the “~L/Fx~ Experience,” which is a great part of Second Life you can enable on your land (or for yourself!) to make my items even more fun and easy to use. 🙂 I will show you how.

Overview: what does an Experience do? The SL Experience system allows users to grant permission once, then not have to do so again. There’s no interruption to click “Yes” or “Accept” buttons in the middle of roleplay or chat. It is just like the traditional permissions system, but more convenient and (mostly) permanent.

I’ve been offering Experience-enabled items since 2020. Now there are games, food, jewelry, gadgets, and more!

For example, if you grant permission to my “~L/Fx~ Experience” in order eat a bowl of my soup today, a cup of my tea even months from now will not have to ask permission to attach or animate you. Instead, it will work seamlessly, because you have granted permission to the same Experience which powers it.

(And YES, you can always remove permission! Instructions are below.)

Briefly About Me:

I have been scripting in SL for 15+ years, and have become well known for quality items which are both useful and entertaining. I believe I have proven myself to be a responsible coder, with a respect for my consumers and my audience. If you have any concerns or questions, please do ask. I will be happy to show you how the “~L/Fx~ Experience” works! 🙂

Enabling ~L/Fx~ Experience On Your Land

In order for the “~L/Fx~ Experience” to work, you must enable it on the parcel or sim where the scripted item(s) are running.

It is EASY to do so. Follow these steps:

  1. At top of SL window, open “World” menu. Choose “About Land” or “Parcel Details” from menu.
  2. On right-hand side there is an “Experiences” tab. (You may have to click tiny right-arrow to see it.)
  3. On “Experiences” tab, click top “Add” button. A “Choose Experience” window will open.
  4. Type or copy/paste into that window’s search area: ~L/Fx~ Experience
  5. Click “GO” button.
  6. When “~L/Fx~ Experience” appears below search-box, make sure I am the creator:
    –> It may show my display name: “Wyvvy the Flox” or “FloxMonster”. Use calling card ^ to see current name.
  7. If I am the creator, click that Experience in the list, then click “GO” Button.

BONUS: Are you an Estate Manager or Sim Owner? You can add my Experience to your whole Region too! Use…
Menu: World > Region Details > Experiences tab… 1st or 2nd “Add” button… ~L/Fx~ Experience

How to Allow “~L/Fx~ Experience” Personally

To Allow (or grant permission to) “~L/Fx~ Experience” is to let my Experience-enabled items attach, animate you, etc. automatically without asking permission again. To do so…

1.) Copy/Paste this into local chat, and hit Enter:
2.) Click the link that results.
3.) Click “Allow” button.
–> if “Allow” button is grayed out, you have already granted permission.

That’s it! To revoke that permission, you will have to “Forget” the “~L/Fx~ Experience.”

How to Forget “~L/Fx~ Experience”

If you no longer want to allow my items to do things automatically (such as attach, animate, teleport you, etc.), you can remove permission from the “~L/Fx~ Experience.” To do this…

  1. Copy/Paste this into local chat, and hit Enter: secondlife:///app/experience/9cdd90bc-f254-11e5-b985-fa4c4c646b81/profile
  2. Click the link that results.
  3. Click “Forget” button.
    –> if “Forget” button is grayed out, you have not yet granted “~L/Fx~ Experience” permission.

That’s it! You will need to Allow “~L/Fx~ Experience” again if you change your mind.

Questions? Need Help?
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