Yo Momma So Fat (or, the Odd Humor Perspective of AI)

As you all know, I like to experiment with new technology. So when the AI art engines came out, I immediately pounced. I pushed them to their limit, played with them, made jokes with them. And laughed a LOT.

One game I enjoyed was putting in song lyrics to see what they would generate. Another game was to put in stupid jokes to see what images they’d make, to correspond with the words. This page is about the latter.

Yo Momma So Fat

There is a traditional American joke style called “Yo Momma So Fat.” It is meant to be humorous and mildly-offensive at the same time, while there is an understanding that of course . . . no one’s mother is actually being insulted. That’s part of the joke.

Being a round person myself, I was deeply amused by the way the AI interpreted these traditional jokes as images. It was a new take on an old theme. Therefore, I’ve decided to post some of the silliest ones, with their captions, so you can enjoy them too.

Politically-correct? Not especially. Silly? Yaaas.

Note: someone pointed out that several of these Mommas are dark-skinned, and I cannot explain why I did not tell the AI to make any particular skin-color; I literally typed the caption seen beneath each picture. So either it’s random, or has something to do with the pictures on which the AI was trained.

Apples for Weight Loss
“Yo Momma So Fat, She Asks Apples for Weight Loss!”
“Yo Momma So Fat, She Got the Whole Camel Foot In Her Pants!”
(I had to struggle with this one a bit.)
“Yo Momma So Fat, She Casts a Shadow on Next Week!”
elon musk's ego
“Yo Momma So Fat, She Ate Elon Musk’s Ego!”
(Oh SNAP! That’s big!)
Also, WOW is Musk creepy in that pic.

So that’s it for the “Yo Momma” jokes. 😛

I had two more, one with a toilet, and one with Cthulhu, but I can’t find them. Ah, well.

I am off to make more silly chaos! Enjoy this until next time.

FloxMonster™ ©2022 A.M.Coy - All Rights Reserved. You may not use this image.
FloxMonster™ ©2022 A.M.Coy – All Rights Reserved. You may not use this image.

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