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Coy o’Teas – Top-Grade Gourmet Teas & Gifts

Very good quality tea in dessert and fruit flavors, plus fresh made-to-order incense sticks, herbs, jewelry, and more.

Dreaming Gates Partnership

A professional organization established in 1996.

Flickr for ~Lantian/Flox~

This is the photo account for FloxMonster’s virtual business (~Lantian/Flox~)

Flickr for Haunted Nawlins

Pictures of Wyvern Dryke’s gigantic, virtual art project, which depicts a phantasmal New Orleans in historic 1901.

FloxMonster™’s Facebook

Meta is evil and plans to rule the world. But it builds traffic so what the hell.

FloxMonster™’s Pinterest

This place has pretty pictures to distract you for hours!

FloxMonster™’s Twitter

Same rants, now in condensed form! With links back to Flox.Monster website.

GoFundMe for Haunted Nawlins

Help keep Wyvern Dryke’s virtual art alive! Donate a few dollars toward a noble cause.

Other Links:

Wyvern’s Second Life Profile

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