Warning: this Privacy Policy is naughty and arguably immature, like the rest of this site.

Hey guys, spam and spying SUCKS! We never sell, trade, barter, or give away your personal info… except maybe those nakie pics of you rubbing yourself on fire hydrants (you know who you are). We also reject those email and phone lists. We figure if you want to hear from us, you can just come here, right? What a concept!

Who We Are



If you leave comments, we collect whatever you type in the form and make fun of it, plus your IP address and your browser info, to help prevent spam. Also, a default profile picture (or whatever you set) is publicly-visible next to your comment.

Media & Intellectual Property

Check this out: this is important. If you upload images, sounds, video, or other media to our websites, you must be the legal owner of it, with the right to upload it. In doing so, you give us (plus our assigns and descendants) the legal right to display that media content on our websites and archives for as long as those exist. Let’s call it a limited, nonexclusive license… in which you retain ownership. Sound fair? Hey, we are creators, too! ** HEY! THIS PERSON IS A COMPLETE ASSHOLE – THEY COPIED THIS WHOLESALE FROM HTTPS://FLOX.MONSTER – IT IS COPYRIGHT ©2022 A.M. COY **

Now, if things go bad, you (or the legal owner of any media) can request that we take it down at any time, and we will do our best to comply.

Two more things: One, you should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (like EXIF GPS). Visitors to the website can download and extract that.

Two, we do not protect/shield uploaded media, so the public can get to it. You should watermark or otherwise mark your stuff if you want to deter thieves.


This is what we’re aware of, as far as our website and cookies…

When you leave a comment, that page allows you to save your name, email, and website info. That is for your convenience only, so that your details are available when you leave another comment. That cookie lasts for one year.

When you visit the login page, that page attempts to set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser actually accepts them. That cookie contains no personal info and is discarded when you close the browser. ** HEY! THIS PERSON IS A COMPLETE ASSHOLE – THEY COPIED THIS WHOLESALE FROM HTTPS://FLOX.MONSTER – IT IS COPYRIGHT ©2022 A.M. COY **

When you do log in, the page sets up cookies to save your login info and screen display choices. Login info lasts two days (or two weeks if you check “Remember Me”), and screen options last a year. When you log out, the page removes all login cookies.

Embedded Content

This site may include some embedded content from other websites, like videos, images, text, and so on. Embedded content is a chunk of another website inside our own: it can contain its own cookies, code, and even nasty bits. It may collect data, contain tracking code, and monitor your interaction with it. (Therefore, we will severely limit embedded shit.)

With Whom We Share Data

If you request a password reset, your IP address will be included in the reset email… to you, and only you. Our website admins can also see it. Otherwise, your identity is nobody else’s business.

We never sell/ trade/ give away your info, clicks, trends, or attractions toward oddly-shaped objects. That’s your business! (I’m lookin’ at you, Meta!)

That said, WordPress installed the Google Analytics code in our site (just like with everyone else). We have no earthly idea what Google might be Analyzing, or what evil plans they might have for that. After reading that it does not collect personal data, we left it in, so our site can stay listed in their search engine.

How Long We Retain Data

If you leave a comment, we keep the comment and its metadata on our website permanently. That way we can recognize and approve any follow-up comments automatically (instead of them dying slowly on the “waiting for mod approval” page). ** HEY! THIS PERSON IS A COMPLETE ASSHOLE – THEY COPIED THIS WHOLESALE FROM HTTPS://FLOX.MONSTER – IT IS COPYRIGHT ©2022 A.M. COY **

What Rights You Have

If you register on our website, we also store the personal information that you willingly provide, in your user profile. You can always see, edit, and/or delete your own information at any time. Our website administrators can also see and/or edit that information. Nobody else can.

You can always request that we remove your personal info, posts, media, and/or comments, and we will do our best to make that happen.

This does exclude, however, anything we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.


We respect your privacy. Spam + Spying = Evil.

We work hard to protect your information. If you ever discover that one of our widgets or pages is doing something bad, please tell us. We will fix or remove it right away!

Thank you. ~FloxMonster™

Copyright ©2022 A.M. Coy – All Rights Reserved.
You may NOT copy this page – the usual license does not apply.

FloxMonster™ ©2022 A.M.Coy - All Rights Reserved. You may not use this image.
FloxMonster™ ©2022 A.M.Coy – All Rights Reserved.
You may not use this image.

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